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Septic System Information For Home Buyers In Johnson County

Looking for a comprehensive septic system information for home buyers in Johnson County? Here’s you step-by-step guide!

For the vast majority of us, the purchase of our home is our most valuable and largest investment we’ll ever make. Today, the cost of construction for various infrastructure components such as a sewer system or a septic system that ensure the proper modern function of your home can have a significant cost.

These infrastructure components are often not covered under your average house inspection and are often not given the attention they are due because they are out of sight and underground.

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Onsite Wastewater Treatment/Septic Systems

There are approximately 2.2 million septic systems in the state of Texas with roughly 45,000 being installed each year.  Out of those homes approximately 8-15% of these homes served by onsite wastewater systems or septic systems change ownership each year.

Some of these septic and waste water treatment systems can cost as much as $15,000 to $40,000 to install/replace and this cost is often not covered by insurance should something ever happen to the system.

You can imagine the stress and frustration that has happened to new home buyers who’ve purchased a home with a failing septic system.  It’s a good idea during any real estate transaction to get a clean bill of health for the septic system from a certified professional septic inspector.  

They will be able to tell you the type of onsite wastewater treatment system you have, it’s overall condition and how to best maintain it moving forward.

It’s also a good idea to have the septic tank pumped out on your newly purchased home so you know you’re starting from a clean slate when you close on the property.

Importance of Inspections: Securing a detailed inspection by a certified professional is critical. They can assess:

  • The type of system installed
  • The current condition of the system
  • Maintenance recommendations moving forward
  • Initial Maintenance Advice: It is advisable to have the septic tank pumped out before moving in to guarantee a fresh start.
Septic Tank Pumping Services - septic system information for home buyers in johnson county

Underground Sewer and Plumbing Pipes

The underground plumbing pipes located on your property could include the homes perimeter drains, sewer laterals if you are hooked up to city sewer or your leech or drain field for a septic system.  

Like all underground infrastructure, these pipes can deteriorate over time or be damaged by abuse (such as driving a vehicle on your septic field) and may eventually need to be repaired or replaced.

Failure to maintain these underground pipes can result in drainage issues, basement flooding, septic system failure and property damage, which some are only partly covered by most home insurance policies.

We offer video inspections of sewer and septic systems so we can inspect the pipes for any cracks, broken joints, tree root infiltration or any clogs that are building up and will cause future problems.

septic system information for home buyers in johnson county

Components Involved:

  • Home perimeter drains
  • Sewer laterals (for homes connected to municipal sewers)
  • Leach or drain fields (for homes with septic systems)

Risks of Neglect: Failure to properly maintain these elements can lead to:

  • Drainage issues
  • Basement flooding
  • Septic system breakdowns
  • Extensive property damage, which may only be partially covered by insurance

Inspection and Maintenance: Utilize professional services to conduct video inspections to check for:

  • Cracks or breaks
  • Tree root infiltration
  • Clogs that could exacerbate future issues
  • Special Considerations for Older Homes: Always ensure that a thorough inspection of all underground infrastructure is performed prior to purchase.

Always have the underground pipes inspected by a professional before buying a home, especially if it’s an older home.

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Why Having Septic System Information For Home Buyers In Johnson County Essential?

Having septic system information is vital for home buyers in Johnson County for several reasons. The On-Site Sewage Treatment Systems Program in Johnson County ensures that septic systems are properly designed and operated, which is critical for protecting the health and environment of the county’s citizens.

This program not only regulates the installation of new septic systems but is also involved in property transaction inspections.

For home buyers, understanding the condition and maintenance history of a septic system is essential. A poorly maintained septic system can lead to serious issues, including environmental problems and significant repair costs.

Being well-informed about the septic system’s condition allows buyers to anticipate any immediate maintenance or future system replacement expenses, and these can be substantial.

Additionally, the Johnson County Environmental Sanitary Code outlines the specific responsibilities for buyers and sellers regarding private sewage treatment systems. These responsibilities include mandatory inspections and fees associated with acquiring a System Use Permit.

Having detailed septic system information is critical for buyers to understand the system’s functionality and lifespan and for sellers to meet legal disclosure obligations.

A thorough understanding of a septic system’s state, ideally gained through professional inspections, helps in making informed decisions, negotiating property values, and planning for ongoing maintenance or potential upgrades.

Access to comprehensive septic system information is crucial for ensuring public health, avoiding unexpected costs, and ensuring compliance with regulations during the process of buying a home in Johnson County.

Septic Tank Pumping

Texway Wastewater Services Pumps Out Septic Tanks In Johnson County Texas

Texway Wastewater Services is a septic tank pumping and vacuum truck company based out of Burleson, and Johnson County, Texas.

We specialize in septic tank installations, grease traps, septic tank pumping for residential and commercial, lift stations, and holding tanks of all sizes.  We offer prompt and efficient service that is competitively priced.

If you’d like to receive a quote to pump out your septic tank or holding tank please give us a call  (817) 889-4007 or fill out our contact form and we’ll get right back to you.

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